Admission for 2020 – 21

Ology Tech School an eminent school of academia created to foster a disciplined learning community for the digital era.

Ology Sports Vision

Ology Sports Vision Ology Tech School takes pride in appreciating the students won in State level Inter school E - Yoga competition.

Ology Online Classes

Online classes are the best solution during this pandemic. Ology’s Online classes are well thought and meticulously planned and scheduled to meet the needs of the children. It greatly improved children’s self-discipline and responsibility even though they had the comfort to learn from home. Our teachers take great care and ensure that all students are...

Ology Global Guide

(Window to the World) A novel initiative to bring the whole wide world to virtual reality!! Incredible Online Learning with Interactive Innovative Sessions (Exclusively for students of Velammal Knowledge Park and Ology Tech School) Broaden your learning spectrum and explore the geographic and political features of different countries through the little window in your hands within the...

Ology Interactive Classes

Interactive activities are considered as a fundamental part of social and emotional learning, and this explains why learning is intrinsically defined as an interactive and social process. Ologians always have a great interaction in the classes. They volunteer themselves to do all the activities given and prepare presentations on various topics too.

Ology Write Science

WriteScience uses principles of journalism to help young students communicate effectively. Confidence, attention to detail, dedication to the truth, an investigative eye and above all a moving pen are the qualities that elevate our students to make a mark in the career of journalism through this innovative programme. The modules aim to develop the...

Nature Club

“A farm is more than land and crops. It’s a Family Heritage.” Farm animals and birds such as cows, sheep, goats, chickens, hen, ducks, and parrots have many roles in the farm ecosystem. To help our young talents gain more knowledge about the roles of farm animals, a session was conducted.

Ology Sandhai

"To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves" - Mahatma Gandhi Organic farming practices reduce pollution, conserve water, reduce soil erosion, reduce global warming, increase soil fertility and use less energy. At Ology Sandhai we had all the best products on earth. Thanks to all the Parents who supported...

Thinkroom Day

We dream of an education which brings out the inherent talents in every child. Ology Tech School celebrated the KG Think Room Day on Saturday 15th February 2020. The day witnessed the culmination of talents through the scintillating and outstanding performances of our young Ologians.